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Bridal Hair and Makeup Tips

The type of bridal hair you choose has a big effect on your overall appearance. When choosing, make sure that it won’t drag or adversely affect the rest of your style. Fortunately, there are classic and contemporary ideas that you can try out.

The French Pleat Style

A variant of the French twist, the pleat can be applied to virtually all hairpieces. Your hair can be backcombed at the top. Style it in a hump. At the twist’s end, add some curls. Add a hairpiece for the finishing touch. An alternative is to loosely roll it. This will allow the curls to get away and be set over the twist. Another option is to roll your hair tight above your head. This is similar to what you would see on a ballerina.

Styling Braids

You can use braids to give any hairdo and give it some pizzazz. Separate your hair up front into two. Both sections have to be French braided. As for the rest of the hair, arrange them into a loose bun. Fasten and wrap the braids under your bun. You can also braid 2 to 4 hairpieces in the traditional style. To get the half-up hairstyle, just pull them up.

The 1940s Look

If you opt for classic bridal hair and makeup, this hairdo will be perfect. There are many variants, but the most popular style is the ponytail. The fringe is side swept on the side and there is a bouffant on the rear. Alternatively you can have a coif up front. The ponytail should be curled into one. Use a birdcage type veil for that vintage look.

There are other variations. You can have the hair on the side rolled up. After pinning those on the back, top it off with a vividly coloured flower over your right or left ear. For the best effect, there should be some slight waves at the ends of your hair. Or you can section the hair, waving over your eyebrow.

Curly Hairstyles

Soft curly hair is always popular. Use a curling iron to curl your hair. If you prefer a more natural appearance, apply pin curls. Use a barrette or hair clip to pull both sides of your hair. Or you can don a hairpin, crystal brooch or something fancy. For that retro appearance, put on a bright coloured headband.

Bun Styles for Brides

Aside from the typical bun, style your hair into a spiral and draw out some pieces. This will give you an edgy stylish look. Alternatively, pin it and get some curls. Some brides like the bun pulled to one side of their head. This is pinned under the ear. The result is a more modern appearance. This style is suitable for contemporary wedding themes. Of course the hairdo that you use should match the rest of your bridal accessories and dress.

If you are looking for bridal makeup and hairstyle advice, the services at can answer your needs. They also offer bridal airbrushing, hairdressing and more.

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Flawless Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Bridal makeup is one of those details that can easily get taken for granted on a wedding day. It’s not as big of an issue as the wedding gown or the wedding venue, which is usually decided on months before and which really takes a lot of thinking. Brides will probably even decide on the colour of their bridesmaids’ dresses before worrying about who will do their bridal hair and makeup on the day itself. This is because normally, we don’t really hire the professionals to have our hair and makeup done. Most of the time, it’s enough to just do your own hair and makeup, but this will not do for something as big and memorable of an occasion as a wedding.

Hair and Makeup that Lasts a Lifetime

While most people forget to book a makeup artist for their wedding day, the difference of having a professional take care of your makeup and just doing your makeup yourself is really worth taking note of. Remember that a typical wedding lasts for a couple of hours – some even become a whole day affair. The day begins with preparing for the wedding itself, and even during those preparatory stages, pictures will already be taken for documentation purposes. The wedding ceremony will last for one to two hours, which will be followed by a lot of picture taking as well. The wedding pictorials will usually happen after that, and of course your bridal hair and makeup will have to last all the way to the reception, where you will be greeting your guests and partying the night away.

In all of these moments, you have to ensure that your Bridal hair will last you all throughout. The hair and makeup will show not only during the event but also in the thousands of high definition photos that will definitely be taken during the event. If your Bridal hair is done properly, it will last through all of these moments. Makeup is also a very important thing to note. If your makeup is done by professionals, it won’t get rubbed off by sweat or the heat or whatever other factors that can easily ruin the day for you.

The Makeup Factor

For your makeup to be flawless, you need the services of professionals like the ones from You want to look as natural as possible during your wedding day, because this “look” will be immortalized in so many photos that you will be looking back to years from now. Currently, there’s a lot of technology that can be used to make sure that your makeup is as flawless as possible. For instance, makeup stylists can use makeup airbrushing, which basically lasts for as long as 12-24 hours without the danger of getting rubbed off. It’s also so much more sanitary, and the colour blends with the natural colour of your skin, making it look more natural than most other options that you have for bridal makeup.

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Getting the Most from Wedding Hair and Makeup Brisbane

Nothing compares to natural beauty, but using the right wedding hair and makeup Brisbane will highlight your features and conceal any blemishes.

Use Oil Free Powder

Use this to set your foundation and concealer. The powder must be loose and sheer, as this will prevent your face from appearing oily. The difference becomes apparent in photos. Have oil blotting papers nearby and use them to remove any oil slicks when applying makeup.

Tips for Luscious Lips

Do not put any lipstick on until you have exfoliated your lips with a damp cloth. This ensures the colour is evenly applied and that it doesn’t fade. Use a lip liner to fill and line your lips. The liner should correspond with your lips’ natural colour. Do these before putting on any lipstick and make sure that you don’t go beyond your lips’ natural borders; otherwise you will end up with fat lips.

One of the common mistakes that brides make is using a very dry lipstick. Use one that has sufficient amount of moisture. Not too much of course, but enough so your lips don’t dry up during the ceremony. If your bridal makeup style requires regular lipstick, put a thin amount over the lip liner. Use the brush carefully. Add another layer if you want. Use a tissue to keep the colour even and prevent blotting.

Some Hairstyle Tips

There are a thousand and one ways to jazz up your hair for the big day. You can apply curls, cut it short and give it a wavy appearance. Or you can let it cascade down your shoulders.

One of the most popular styles today is the up-do hairstyle.

Arrange your hair into a French twist. Use beaded clips to fasten your hair. At the top of the twist, pull some small sections using a comb. For some chunky waves or ringlets, apply a curling iron.

Have your bridal hair fastened into a bun. Gather some fringe sections from the right and left sides. Don’t grab it all; some hair should be allowed to fall to the front. Create hairsprings on both sides with some hair gel or spray. You have two options now: create a ringlet curl with an iron or just let them hang straight.


Make sure to check your appearance before the wedding. This is the only way to be certain that mishaps don’t take place. You can use this time to try different hairdos. Check which best fits your wedding gown. Try different beauty products if necessary. Feel free to experiment to get the best results. Of course if you have chosen a particular colour or set, stick to it.

Finally, don’t go overboard when it comes to styling bridal hair. You have to make sure that your tresses fit naturally with your gown, wedding theme and makeup. Sometimes, a simple style radiates more beauty than an elaborate but overblown look.

Finding the right stylist and wedding hair and makeup can be difficult, but the services offered at are worth a look. While the services provided are by professionals, the rates are very competitive.

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Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup for the Best Results

Wedding hair and makeup is something that should be planned beforehand and executed properly during the wedding day. First, it contributes greatly to the overall look of the bride. The bride should look like the best version of herself during her wedding day, because it’s an occasion that happens only once in her lifetime. Chances are, she’s dreamed of this day for years, and she will want everything to look perfect – including herself. Aside from that, the hair and makeup of the entourage should also complement that of the bride. For the entire wedding party to look picture perfect, their hairstyles and makeup should really blend in well not only with the gowns and motif but also with the wedding venue.

Many Available Options

The reason why it’s best to get professional stylists is that there are so many available options when it comes to wedding hair and makeup Brisbane, and this can get overwhelming. For hair alone, here are some of the important decision points: Up or down: A dilemma that most brides go through is whether they should wear their hair up or wear it down. A nicely done up-style makes for a cleaner and sleeker look, but there are brides that are more comfortable wearing their hair down. A professional stylist can produce either, and even with hair that’s just “down,” a stylist can find a way to ensure that it won’t be in the way.

Curly or straight: A stylist armed with a straightening or curling iron can do wonders, and it’s up to the bride to choose whatever style she prefers.

Head piece and accessories: Tradition dictates every bride to wear a veil, but some brides can choose to spice it up by favouring different kind of head piece or accessory. A vintage themed wedding will require a different type of veil or hair accessory, and a stylist can help you determine exactly what to do.

Professional but Personal

Having access to a great stylist can definitely ensure that you get the best results for your wedding hair and makeup Brisbane, because these stylists will have the necessary expertise and experience. With years of experience, professional stylists know what hairstyles work best with different gowns, face shapes themes. Just make sure that when you choose your stylist, you can trust the quality of their work.

Another thing to remember when going with professional stylists like the ones you can find in is that while they have a wealth of experience in fixing the hair and makeup of many different brides, this is still your wedding day. You should listen closely to the advice of your stylist, but you should also strive to be as personal as possible, which the best stylists understand. The essence of who you are shouldn’t be lost in your wedding hair and makeup, because all it should do is enhance your natural beauty and bring out the best in you.

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Hair and Makeup Styles Brisbane Guide

Hair and makeup Brisbane styles for wedding are incredibly varied. For hair, probably the most common method is to have the tresses swept up into a tight hairdo. But it doesn’t have to be always that way.

Choosing the Right Style

Aside from being swept up, your hair can be swept up only partially. Of course you can also just set it down and let the tresses flow. You can leave it as it is, or use different kinds of accessories.

For Flowing and Long Hair

Try adding some curls and let it flow smoothly too. It will look perfect when set against princess-themed wedding gowns. If there are short hairs around your face, pull them up with some crystal-encrusted pins. You can also use a fancy comb to prevent the hair from flowing forward. You can also add some crystals on clips, mini faux diamonds or ribbons.

Be careful not to add too many accessories. Remember that your hair is supposed to enhance your face and dress, not distract from it. A little bit of colour and highlight will be enough.

Long hair also looks great with a tiara. It looks even better if you let your hair flow straight down.

Half Down and Half-Up Hairstyles

For these ]wedding hair Brisbane styles, use a comb to fasten your fringe. You can use a comb for either side for a royalty-like look. Leave the style as it is or apply some tiny braids. Comb your hair and bangs from both sides and add a fancy clip or some colourful ribbons to fasten it.

You can iron the hair straight or you can curl it. You can also use the ponytail to create a bun. Twist your hair and fasten it with a cover and put on some flowers on your hair for the finishing touches.

Tips for Makeup

Of course it takes more than a very nice hairstyle to dress up a bride. You must also have the right bridal makeup. Here are some tips to prevent mishaps like fading lipstick or smudges and oil slicks.

Define your eyes with water-resistant liquid liner and mascara. This will keep smudges from appearing when you sweat. Here’s another tip: don’t put any mascara on your lower lashes if you’re going to cry a lot at the wedding. It is bound to get messed up.

For the best results, apply eyelid primer prior to putting on eye shadows. You won’t see any creases and everything will look fresh for hours. Make sure to apply from the lash line onto the brow. Wait for 60 seconds before applying eye shadow. Do not apply too quickly otherwise things won’t work out right.

It is essential to put foundation on your skin after cleaning especially for wedding makeup Brisbane, as this will cover up any imperfections, pores or fine lines. Eye circles will also be covered up. These products also come in versions that correct colouring problems. For a natural flush appearance, use a cheek stain.

If you are interested in getting a high quality hair stylist, the rates and packages offered at are worth a look. Their stylists have the skills to give your hair a makeover. Plus, their services are very affordable.

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